Keeping your food fresh for longer!

Get the most out of your weekly shop, with our top tips on keeping your food fresh

Keep lemons in the fridge 
Popping your lemons in an airtight container lock in their moisture and they’ll last up to four times longer than they do in the fruit bowl 
Add a paper towel to your leafy greens 

Leafy greens have high water content, by lining your airtight container with a dry paper towel you’ll be able to remove excess moisture, which will keep them from turning early! 

Treat your asparagus like a bouquet 

Simply trim the stems and store them in a vase/jar in some water until you’re ready to cook! 

Stem down for stone fruits

Your peaches, nectarines and plums like to live in the fruit bowl, but they’ll stay happy much longer if their stem-end down

One bad apple really does spoil the bunch

Store apples separately to avoid the Ethylene ripening the surrounding fruits before you’re ready to eat them

Tomatoes are a fan of the fruit bowl 

Putting your tomatoes in the fridge can dull their flavour, store them in the fruit bowl or on the counter to keep them fresh

Store sweet potatoes in the pantry

Any cool dry space will work, but don’t pop them in the fridge as it speeds up their spoiling process

Turn wilting herbs into ice cubes

By throwing your older herbs into an ice tray with some oil to freeze you’ll have these little flavour bombs ready to whip up soups, roasts and sauces at a moments notice!

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