The best hacks for smuggling veggies into kids meals

Getting little ones to eat their veggies can be tough, here are our top tips.


Getting the right nutrition into growing bodies is really important, but let’s face it, battling a tiny toddler over a broccoli floret is no parents’ idea of a good time. So we’ve rounded up our favourite ways to help keep the little ones happy and healthy. 

Dice dice baby!

The easiest way is to chop your ingredients up really really small. Dicing carrots, zucchinis and mushrooms are ideal candidates to hide in your burgers, lasagna and meatballs. Simply finely dice and add to your mincemeat.

Make friends with your blender

Almost any vegetable can be made into a puree, once you’ve whizzed up your veggies add them into casseroles, sauces, even cakes! Just be sure to cook them thoroughly so the puree doesn’t form lumps in your dish.
Choose the right disguise

If you’re trying to hide the flavour of a specific vegetable, try adding herbs and spices. If you’re trying to add the sight, layering is a great option, covering your pizza’s in sliced capsicum, tomatoes and onions and then layering with melted cheese is another great option!

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