A beginners guide to herbs!

If you’re new to cooking or just looking to expand your flavour horizons, here is our simple guide to herb pairings.



When you’re looking to give your dish a fresh punchy flavour, go for coriander. Often used in Mexican cuisine it pairs well with spicy flavours. Finely chop or use whole leaves as a garnish. Though be mindful coriander is the most divisive of herbs you really do either love it or you hate it!


Finely chopped this herb can be added to seafood, curry sauces or even as a garnish on scrambled eggs. Its light flavour make it very easy to use in most dishes to give an extra kick.


Thyme is a strong flavour that matches well with pork, lamb and chicken. Its small leaves make it easy to remove from the stem and throw onto your dish – no chopping required


This one is a big aromatic flavour, that works well with garlic and olive oil. A very versatile herb that can be used to lift your roasted veggies, breads and sauces. A little goes a long way on this one!


Mint is a bright fresh flavour that is perfect in spring and summer dishes. It’ll add a nice refreshing lift to salads, yoghurt-based sauces and even ice-cream. Finely chop or tear up and sprinkle

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