Our favourite fakeaways

The perfect inspiration for dinner that’s as delicious as a takeaway but much better for you!


Our favourite fakeaways

When we’re looking for a little end of week treat, ordering a takeaway can seem like the best option. But more often than not, the meal that arrives at the door can be… underwhelming and expensive. 
A healthier and cheaper treat can be the DIY version. Here are our favourite ‘fake-aways’ to keep you satisfied: 

  1. Fish and Chips – a classic Friday delight for the whole family and now you can make it at home! 
  2. Pizza – not only is this a great meal everyone enjoys, it’s a great way to get the kids involved in cooking! 
  3. Pad Thai – when you’re craving a fresh and delicious Thai dinner, whip up this crowd pleaser and impress the whole family with your skills!
  4. Diner Burger – a burger and fries is always a winner, but now you can whip it up at home in 30 minutes! 
  5. Butter Chicken – the kids will adore this quick dinner and so will you! 

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