What to do with leftovers

Save time and money with your leftovers!


When it comes to leftovers, it pays to be smart.

Here are our top tips when you’re trying to stretch the food shop!



Before anything else, you will need to store your leftovers properly. Put them together in one spot in the fridge and organise them to be at the front so you don’t lose them at the back of the fridge several days later!


If you’ve got leftover roasted meat and vegetables that are starting to turn, whip them into a quick salad

Make a stir-fry

Stir-fry’s can be made out of just about everything. Toss your leftover veggies, cooked meat into a pan with noodles – even add an egg if you’re feeling fancy!

Soups galore

When you fancy something simpler and delicious add stock or cream to your roasted veggies and blitz – you’ve got dinner made in no time!

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