Homemade Bread

Make Easy Fresh Bread at Home!


Make Easy Fresh Bread at Home

Baking bread takes a bit of time to truly master, but even the trial and error is fun. Plus, who doesn’t love the smell of bread baking in the oven? There are a few techniques you’ll want to brush up on when you dive into a new recipe.

Baking bread is a fun weekend activity, who doesn’t love fresh bread? But there’s a few techniques that will take your loaf to the next level!  

  1. Proofing yeast 
    Letting the yeast settle in warm water with a drop of sugar, is a precaution known as proofing. This is checks if the yeast is ‘alive’ and can create carbon dioxide. This is important as it gives your bread air bubbles – keeping it light and fluffy! 
  2. How to knead 
    Kneading dough is how the gluten develops and builds the structure and texture of the bread. To make sure you’re getting that delicious fluffy loaf, use the heel of your hand to push the dough down, then fold and repeat.
  3. When is it time to break bread?
    For yeast breads the best way to tell is to use a thermometer, once the inside of your bread reaches 160º to 185º its good to go! 

However if you’re doing a quick bread, the tried and tested toothpick test commonly used for cakes will do just fine! 

Ready to become the baker? Try our bread recipe below! 

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