Steak Sandwiches with Beetroot Relish & Chunky Chips

Treat yourself to a yummy pub-style lunch, ready in less than half an hour.


4 Minute Steaks
4 Eggs
2 Tomatoes
Lettuce Leaves
1 Red Onion
Seeded Mustard
Beetroot Relish (Tomato Relish can substitute)
1 Loaf Sourdough Bread


Preheat oven to 200C. Cook chips as directed on packet. Season steaks with salt and pepper. Cook for a minute each side then leave to rest in the warm pan.

In a separate pan, fry 4 eggs sunny side up. Cut 8 slices of bread from a loaf and brush with olive oil.

Heat on a grill plate or under the grill and top with steak, egg, trimmings and condiments. Serve with oven baked chunky chips or wedges.

Tip: If you don’t like egg yolk too runny, place a steel bowl over the frypan when cooking eggs and it will lightly cook the yolk on top of the eggs.

Cooking Time

10 mins

Preparation Time

15 mins