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What chicken can you buy at FoodWorks stores?


Did you know chickens can run a mile in six minutes and forty seconds? Lilydale farmers do, because when they’re not inadvertently training for marathons chasing their chickens around the farm, they’re creating great lives for their chooks. 

In much the same way we’re trying to drag the teens off screens and into the garden, there needs to be something fun to do when chickens get out there to encourage them to enjoy the outdoors! Farmers place hay bales in every range area. Some hay bales even have wooden ramps leading up to the bales, providing both fun and exercise for the chickens.

Now while fun in the sun is great, chickens also need shade that’s why Lilydale plant trees based on local soil and weather conditions that will grow into lush shady spaces for them to relax in. And while those trees are growing into maturity, Lilydale have huts for the chickens to enjoy.

Able to forage the fresh vegetation in the outdoor ranges, these chickens also have nutritionist formulated feed that’s nutritious and vitamin enriched. Raised without hormones or antibiotics, Lilydale loves their chickens, which makes them taste even better. 

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