FoodWorks Supermarkets are Local, Australian and Independently owned.

 We're in your community and committed to supporting local.

Our mission is to help millions of Aussies everyday shop smartly and within their weekly grocery budget. We know that times are tough in our local communities and one way we support is by guaranteeing Low Prices Everyday and helping you save money where it counts! We measure our prices to ensure they’re equal to the big supermarket chains. This gives you the flexibility of shopping your favourite brands whilst supporting your local independent supermarket. Our motto - you’ll never pay more at FoodWorks Supermarket! Simply look for the yellow ticket in-store or browse our website for specials. 



Frequently asked questions

1. What is Low Prices Everyday? 

Low Prices Everyday is our brand-new way of helping customers find the best value across all FoodWorks supermarkets. Shoppers can look for the yellow ticket while shopping in-store, across a range of household items, meats, dairy and bread. Customers can shop with confidence! We refresh our range of products on Low Price to give our shoppers new options to shop.

2. How do I find an Low Price Everyday product?   

To help our shoppers easily identify which products are on Low Prices Everyday, our yellow ticketing that can’t be missed instore or on-line.

3. Is Low Prices Everyday a special? 

We refresh our Low Prices Everyday quarterly to give our shoppers variety. Our shoppers can easily find the yellow ticket and can have more certainty on the price of their groceries.

4. Why did you choose a yellow ticket? 

Low Prices Everyday is a bold campaign and we wanted something that would stand out and be heard! Our shoppers can easily identify the yellow ticketing and find value. 

5. What is the difference between Low Prices Everyday and Price Promise?

Low Prices Everyday = low prices on items adjusting the price per state
Price Promise = competitive price program against competitors   

6. Will Low Price Everyday products be the same in every store and online? 

Brands and product types of the Low Prices Everyday products may differ from store to store and by state

7. What products are on Low Prices Everyday?

There's a wide range of items that are included in Low Prices Everyday and they are many of the groceries our shoppers buy every week. We know they’re the ones that matter in their Aussie households.



Once the products have been chosen to be part of our LPE program, we check their prices against those at the big chain supermarkets across every state in Australia—excluding products that are on ‘special,’ ‘promotion,’ or ‘reduced to clear’—we then adjust our prices to reflect the lowest comparable price within each state. The Low Price Everyday Policy can only be applied in instances where FoodWorks and a big chain retailer stock identical comparison product, which feature the exact same pack size, colour, flavour and variety. The Low Prices Everyday Policy excludes fresh produce, such as fruit, vegetables, delicatessen, bakery, meat and seafood, as well as tobacco products. If a product within the Low Prices Everyday scheme goes on promotion at a FoodWorks Supermarket, the item’s sale price will override the LPE, ensuring you receive the best value for money. If a product becomes discontinued at the big chain retailers, the LPE price will remain as the most recent price available, until the time when the item is removed from the LPE range. Please note, the Low Prices Everyday policy is only available at participating FoodWorks Supermarkets. As all FoodWorks locations are owned and operated independently, the range of products available within each store is subject to change. FoodWorks reserves the right to withdraw products from the LPE program, or adjust its conditions, at any time without prior notice.