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10 Truly Terrible Dad Jokes for Father's Day!

We've all been there - lounging around the living room on a Saturday night with our high school friends when, unexpectidly, Dad strolls in with that big, cheesy grin on his face. You sink deep into the corner of the couch, head in hands, as you brace yourself for the pure embarrassment you are about to experience. Whether you're a child who relates to this week in week out, or a father himelf ...

Independence Day: 6 Reasons to Shop at FoodWorks

Our FoodWorks Supermarkets are all proudly owned and operated by locals. We're not just part of the community, we're committed to it. It's where we live, and everything that truly matters to us is right here, close to home. That's why as small business owners we're invested in the growth and prosperity of our local communities, we get to know our customers like friends, we understand their ...

Bondi Vet Dr Chris Brown visits FoodWorks Mansfield

FoodWorks Mansfield were the lucky hosts of a special visitor on May 20, as Bondi Vet Dr Chris Brown dropped by for a special meet and greet with members of the Mansfield community.    After taking out an Optimum Pet Food store competition for the 'best in-store display' of Optimum products (below), FoodWorks staff and Mansfield locals alike eagerly awaited for the chance to say ...