Get your sparkle on with our top 10 Spring cleaning tips


Spring has finally sprung and it’s time to brush away the cobwebs and wash away those winter blues. Get your home spick and span and ready for the summer months with our top 10 Spring cleaning tips.


Get the whole family involved

Want to get your Spring clean over and done with in a flash? Then get the whole family involved! Give everyone a room or a set of jobs to take care of and promise a fun family reward at the end – your cleaning time will fly by!


Clean from the top down

Make the most of your cleaning efforts by cleaning from the top down. Dust first, vacuum next and mop last and you’ll avoid any time wasting double ups.


Declutter as you go

Spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity to get rid of all the clothes you don’t wear, need or like anymore. Make a pile of stuff to sell, stuff to donate and stuff to throw out and you’ll be clutter free in no time.


Spend less for more sparkle

You don’t need expensive cleaning products for a quality Spring clean. Bicarb soda and vinegar (or a combination of both) are natural, all-purpose products that’ll clean almost anything.

A 1:1 ratio of water to vinegar will take care of your surfaces, floors and walls, while undiluted vinegar is perfect for the toilet. A sprinkle of bicarb on your carpets neutralises pet and general household odours (leave it for 10 – 15 minutes then vacuum it up), and ½ cup of bicarb in the bottom of the dishwasher will leave your dishes sparkling clean.

And forget about paying through the nose for microfibre cleaning cloths. Pantyhose works just as well and can be popped in the wash and used over and over again.


Out of sight isn’t out of mind

You might not be able to see the grit and grime beside the stove and under the fridge, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Take care of the places you prefer not to look by wrapping a pair of pantyhose over a broom handle, securing it tightly and spraying the end with white vinegar. Run it backwards and forwards in the gap and voila, the dirt is gone!

And while you’re at it, don’t forget to clean the s-bend and toilet flush buttons in the loo, fridge door handles, light switches and the top of your kitchen cabinets. All kinds of nasties are lurking there, just waiting to get airborne and spread throughout your home.


Leave no surface untouched

For pet hair free furniture, put on a pair of disposable surgical gloves, wet your hands with soap and water and shake them dry. Wipe them over your furniture and the static charge will collect all the hair in one ball, without the need for expensive sticky cleaning sheets.

Give your walls a good scrub by mixing one teaspoon of lavender oil in a litre of water. Pour into a spray bottle and lightly mist your walls, then scrub with a pair of clean pantyhose - we told you they’d come in handy!


Take care of your bed

For a quality Spring time slumber, flip your mattress and give it a good vacuum on a low setting. Leave your pillows in the sun for a few hours to kill any nasties, then re-make your bed with your favourite freshly cleaned sheets.


Light it up

Dust collects on light bulbs, shades and lamps over time. Brighten up your life by turning off all your lights and removing the shades, globes and bulbs. Wash removable parts with soap and water and wipe the fixed parts with a damp cloth.


Celebrate a job well done

Let’s face it, no one loves cleaning, so celebrate a job well done. Treat yourself and your family to a long lazy lunch or a fun night out and then sit back and enjoy your dust free, sparkling clean home.


By FoodWorks | Lifestyle